EUROPROTECT has developed various textile solutions for personal protection, fulfilling the requirements specific to different activities.
- Twin System® and Twin Spacer®: high-performance fabrics (patented weaving technology), particularly well suited for use in operational clothing for firefighters and law enforcement services.

- Xenios: PBO-based fabric offering excellent thermal insulation and high mechanical resistance (for high-performance operational clothing for firefighters).

- XPS treatment: for use by law enforcement services, XPS-treated fabric protects the wearer from splashes of chemical or petrol-based products.

- Fire Stretch : stretch fabric suitable for station wear, wildland and multipurpose suits.

- Duracot and Prosafe: flame-resistant treated fabrics for use in the industrial sector and welding in particular.

- In2out and In2Out FR: a knitted moisture transfer fabric (for undergarments, t-shirts or sweatshirts) that offers wearers excellent comfort by transferring perspiration away from the skin and regulating body temperature. Available in a flame retardant version.

- EPRA : new finish which reinforces any FR fabrics while keeping them flexible and breathable.

- K-Durashield® : fabric designed according to the needs and requirements of the industrial sector. K-Durashield® combines comfort and high mechanical and thermal performances..

Looking for fabrics that offer other characteristics? Contact EUROPROTECT using the online form. Our staff will consider your requirements and offer you a suitable solution, carrying out a customized assessment if necessary.

Fabrics for personal protection