Aware of new challenges, EUROPROTECT France develop its CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility). The company sets new goals and commits to continuous improvement process build around the three pillars of sustainable development.

EUROPROTECT France implements a responsible purchasing approach. This approach is formalized in the company’s responsible purchasing policy which includes the following main commitments :

-  To promote the responsible purchasing policy in the management policy
-  To integrate environmental and social aspects in purchasing
-  To work with trusted and responsible suppliers
-  Buyers professionalism
-  To respect the commitments in terms of payment deadlines

At the same time, EUROPROTECT France implements a mediation system in order to facilitate relations with its suppliers. So, there is a mediator in the company. Its neutral and impartial intervention when there is a dispute with a supplier, helps the different parties to find a satisfactory solution to meet their respective needs.

If you need to contact our mediator, please send your email to the following address :

The ambition of EUROPROTECT France is to develop its business without going against the ethics of the company. Aware of its role in the actual society and its environmental impact, EUROPROTECT France develops its CSR policy. This one is based on the 4 big pillars of its Code of Conduct :

- Moral Integrity : to fight against corruption and conflict of interests…
- Professional integrity : to respect the intellectual property and the confidentiality of information…
- Respect of colleagues : equal opportunities, to fight against harassment, to prevent risks in the workplace…
- Environmental and human protection : REACH, Certification OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, recovery of production waste, recycling…

EUROPROTECT France obtained the « label RFAR » by « le Médiateur des Entreprises ».

This label « Relations Fournisseurs et Achats Responsables » is awarded by French public authorities. It distinguishes companies which have sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

For more information about this French label, please see official website